John Bell

Extraordinary Information Technology for Writers and Editors

Here is an introduction (in Spanish, with subtitles) to an innovative form of information technology that will be useful to all writers and editors:

David Marsh on the Search for Grammatical Perfection

David Marsh, Production Editor at The Guardian, has published an entertaining and provocative new book entitled For Who the Bell Tolls: One Man’s Quest for Grammatical Perfection. In the following extract, he discusses not only ten grammar rules that we can ignore, but also five important rules we should remember. As well, he explores the […]

Diana Athill on the Role of the Editor

During her distinguished career with the British publisher Andre Deutsch, the literary editor Diana Athill worked with some of the leading writers of the twentieth century, including Philip Roth, Norman Mailer, Mordecai Richler, V.S. Naipaul, Simone de Beauvoir, and Brian Moore. In the following video from, Athill offers some entertaining reflections and anecdotes relating […]